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Friday, May 30, 2008


<2.45> <3.10> <2.52>

albirex and dalian have not won for so so long. albirex's last victory was a 2-1 defeat of dalian, and dalian's last win was 3-1 against geylang. both sides haven't won for like 7-8 games, so it might be easy to predict a draw against two fairly even sides here. however, i think that ryota doi and akira takase have too much firepower in them not to trouble dalian, and as such, i'm predicting albirex to finally win again after so long, and i'm pretty confident. note: this is where i sometimes shoot myself in the foot, betting too much on one team cos of gut feel, but ah heck i'll stick with my choice.

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on albirex @ 2.52 = $25.20
$5 on albirex +1.5 @ 1.11 = $5.55
$5 on albirex to win A-A on HT-FT @ 4.70 = $23.50

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