as great as we are, we tipsters gotta eat too

Saturday, June 21, 2008


<1.40> <4.20> <5.65>

a very tough one to call. both sides have mediocre defences, good holding midfielders, brilliant attacks. russia have the speed and tactical genius of guus hiddink to count on, to try and somehow find a way past the netherlands into the semis. the dutch, however, are technically very gifted, and i am very tempted to go big on them, as i feel that euro 2008 is where they finally live up to their potential. i also see this match producing at least three goals, so go over.

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on holland @ 1.40 = $14.00
$5 on over 2.5 goals @ 1.80 = $9.00

As what Eddy said. Both teams are really similar and both love to counterattack with speed, so the Over bet could be very worthwhile. They have, however, 2 key differences between them that will determine the winner of this match - 1) The Dutch are technically more superior than the Russians, and 2) Eddy and I have money on Holland to win Euro 2008 at odds of 13. So, Holland will win this one, as I doubt that there will be 3 upsets in a row. Expect brilliant defensive striker Dirk Kuyt to turn up for this match and stop Yuri Zhirkov down the flanks and score 3 fluke headers.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Holland @ 1.40 = $14.00
$5 on Over 2.5 goals @ 1.80 = $9.00


<7.05> <4.05> <1.35>

albirex niigata head into this game searching for their first home win all season (can u believe it?). besides missing influential midfielder keisuke ogawa, they are at full strength. the same cannot be said of the super reds, who are missing their captain and playmaker yun bo young, amongst a host of players. the super reds will also be physically drained, imo, after a gruelling cup run which saw them pushed to the limit by teams like gombak and balestier. their last match also saw them outplayed by gombak united, showing that they are not unbeatable. with a tired set of players, the super reds might find it hard to deal with the pace and incisiveness of the albirex attack, and that's why i feel a small pop at albirex might be worth it. so plonk a little money, sit back and cross your fingers.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on albirex +1.5 @ 1.60 = $8.00
$5 on albirex @ 7.05 = $35.25

Friday, June 20, 2008


<1.58> <3.65> <4.60>

despite what the odds suggest, this is a very close match-up. if both sides were fully fit, i would tip a draw. however, turkey's injury woes should finally catch up with them and allow croatia to win this one.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on croatia @ 1.58 = $7.90
$5 on croatia to advance to semis @ 1.33 = $6.65

Croatia have a fully fit squad. Turkey have their first team goalkeeper suspended, their first team central midfielder suspended and their captain injured. Yay for Croatia, unless the Turks have the luck of champions like Greece had last year.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Croatia @ 1.58 = $15.80

Thursday, June 19, 2008


<1.97> <3.15> <3.30>

Apologies for whoever (if there is anyone) who were waiting for my tips on last night's matches - I was on duty and could not access blogger. For the record, I would have placed 5 on Russia and 5 on Spain. I'm serious, trust me. Ah what the heck. Anyway, on to tonight's match. Rested Portugal vs Tired Germany - Podolski has a "calf injury" and Torsten Frings has a "broken rib". Joachim Loew will serve his touchline ban for the match. It all seems to favour the portugese. And I can't say I disagree. Germany's defence has been shit, with Metzelder especially being a very weak link. I'd say the pace and movement of the Portugese attack will carve open Germany. Germany will look to defend well and then counter, but with the eccentric Lehmann standing in goal and flapping at crosses, the Portugese will be able to beat the Germans soundly. The Portugese haven't been known for their defending, but Pepe has been a rock for them in the centre of defence, and the German's attack hasn't looked great with Klose (who I have tipped to be top scorer) being a useless piece of shit. So Portugal for tonight. And odds of 3.75 for Portugal to win by 2 is pretty tempting.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Portugal @ 1.97 = $19.70
$5 on Portugal -1.5 @ 3.75 = $18.75

great match-up tonight, and to me, all 3 results are very possible. i'm gonna disagree with roland here, even after he's kindly reminded me that whenever i oppose him, i come off worse. i think germany's experience will lead them through a match where they will surely lift themselves. their bad performance against croatia can be put down to underestimation of the croats, while their 1-0 victory over austria was possibly nerves getting the better of them. in a match where they are the underdogs, i see them raising their game to defeat portugal. also, the pitch is in a bad condition, and this will definitely suit germany much more, as they're rough and tough, not a bunch of nancies like portugal. however, tipping germany to win at fulltime might be a little risky, as this could easily drag on into extratime and penalties, so we should go with germany to advance to the semis. it's safer.

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on germany to reach the semi-finals @ 2.10 = $21.00
$10 on germany +1.5 @ 1.22 = $12.20

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


<2.48> <3.32> <2.35>

this tournament has seen one trend amongst the teams - the attacking side always prevails. the turks beat the czechs, the portuguese beat the czechs. the greeks were humbled by a slightly more offensive sweden, and russia's constant attacking killed off greece. sweden themselves, were losers to spain, who never stopped creating chances. and then there's holland, whose successful offense has killed off both france and italy, who seemed content to get a draw. as such, i'm backing the russians here, as they have shown more creativity and willingness to get forward, as compared to the swedes, who pride themselves on their organisation (nice way to say that they are shitkickers). andrei arshavin is back, and he should give a boost to the russians, who need a win to advance.

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on russia @ 2.48 = $24.80


<2.72> <3.50> <2.10>

Holland's players that will CONFIRM be rested: De Jong and Ooijer. Coming in for these rested players: De Zeeuw and Heitinga. Holland's players that need match fitness and will CONFIRM play: Van Persie, Robben. Holland's second string: Huntelaar, Afellay, etc. My point is, even if Holland rest their key players, they still have so much quality in their side. So I don't think it's as simple as a Romania win. I'm going for the upset, which is (GASP) Holland. Or a draw. But I think it will be Holland. The draw bet is just a safety backing.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Holland @ 2.72 = $27.20
$5 on Draw @ 3.50 = $17.50


<2.75> <3.00> <2.32>

very tough match to call. if you put a gun to my head, threatened to kill my family and rape my sister (not that i have one, just saying if), i still would not place a bet on any of the teams. the teams are both in bad form, squad quality is rather equal, and both need a win. if anything, with so much at stake, a bet on under 2.5 goals might be ideal. both teams are unlikely to want to go all out, and it should be a cagey game.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on under 2.5 goals @ 1.67 = $8.35

France were utterly shit for 2 matches. Italy was utterly shit for 1 match against Holland (and they still had many chances) and was semi shit against Romania. So Italy.

- Roland's prediction: $5 on Italy @ 2.32 = $11.60

Monday, June 16, 2008


<2.78> <3.40> <2.10>

the battle of the SHITKICKERS in the singapore league cup 3rd/4th placing. assessing the two sides' quality on paper (would have to be TOILET PAPER, that's how shit they are), it's hard to make a distinction at all. young lions are without khairul amri and hariss harun i suppose, from their international exertions, the only two players who play football. the rest play with shit. balestier have poh yi feng suspended, which is a waste (hehe apt word), because he brings a lot of energy to the team and is their saikang warrior. still, i expect the balestier team to win this game, as it will be held before the final between super reds and gombak, and should there be a draw, they will have to waste unnecessary time playing extra time and penalties, which the crowd really don't give two hoots about. assuming there's a crowd, of course. so, it should be settled in 90 minutes.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on balestier khalsa @ 2.10 = $10.50


<3.95> <3.30> <1.75>

i would have piled tons of money on this match against gombak, as the super reds have been brilliant this season. however, they are missing a host of players, including yun bo young, their influential captain. having said that, i think the super reds have enough firepower to win this game, as oh ddog yi has been in scintillating form, and should prove too hot to handle for the gombak defence.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on super reds @ 1.75 = $8.75


<9.50> <4.50> <1.25>

If Austria win, they stand a great chance of going through. If Germany wins, they will definitely go through. Both teams will want to go for this game. I'm siding Germany on this one because the Austrians play with a lot of heart, but not skill. Their inability to finish chances off have shown in the last few matches and it's proven to be their downfall. However, odds for Germany winning are pretty pathetic - outright is 1.25 and the handicap of -1.5 has dropped to 1.70. Germany all the way though, as apparently Podolski is going to be starting upfront replacing the ineffectual Mario Gomez, letting Ballack push forward and we know that's where he plays well in.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Germany @ 1.25 = $12.50
$5 on Germany -1.5 @ 1.70 = $8.50
$5 on Over 2.5 @ 1.63 = $8.15

i agree with roland. germany all the way. it would be a major disaster for the germans to be knocked out at this stage, and i just cannot see it happening, much as i want it to. klose hasn't scored in this tournament yet, but he's quiet and efficient, so back him to score in this one.

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on germany @ 1.25 = $12.50

$5 on germany to win at HT @ 1.55 = $7.75


<2.35> <3.30> <2.50>

If Poland win and Austria win Germany by a smaller margin, Poland are through. So I'd give them a 0.00001% chance of going through. Croatia are through already and will rest the yellow card gang - Modric, Srna, Simunic and Kovac - and let some of the second stringers play. Poland aren't a strong side and I'd expect the Croats to defend well and go on the counter attack, which they're really good at as seen from the game against Germany when they bombed forward. This will definitely expose Poland especially when they press hard for a winner, and their 4-3-3 formation will prove to be their downfall because of the openness in the midfield area. However, Artur Boruc is a brilliant keeper and will keep the Croats at bay. I feel that this game is destined to be a draw, or a win for Croatia. As this Euro has had many instances of over 2.5 goals, I think it will happen again.

- Roland's prediction: $5 on Draw @ 3.30 = $16.50
$5 on Croatia @ 2.50 = $12.50
$5 on Over 2.5 @ 1.90 = $9.50

croatia, as roland said, will leave out modric, srna, simunic and kovac. that's as good as letting poland get the win, imo. in will come players like rakitic, leko, simic, and knezevic, who are good, but will not have any motivation whatsoever for playing out of their skins. poland, on the other hand, can sneak in through the back door, and given that they were desperately unlucky to draw with austria, they should get the win here.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on poland @ 2.35 = $11.75

Sunday, June 15, 2008


<3.45> <3.45> <1.83>

Switzerland are out of the tournament. They have nothing to play for but pride, which counts for nothing as the SAF saying goes, "pride can eat meh?". Portugal are top and will go through as group winners because of the head to head stats, and also have nothing to play for. However, what Portugal has on their side is the fact that the second string will be looking to prove their worth to the manager in a bid to secure a spot in the first team. The likes of Quaresma, Nani, and Raul Meireles are all likely to start and they do have the quality to beat Switzerland comfortably. The Swiss on the other hand have striking problems with Alex Frei and Streller out so they won't be able to really trouble the Portugese second string defence, which would definitely be their weakest link.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Portugal @ 1.83 = $18.30

roland is right about this one, or at least quite right. portugal's second string is fearsome. miguel veloso, nani, quaresma, blarblarblarblar. pretty impressive. but somehow something about his confidence is reminding me of "heavy boat". u see, portugal has strength in depth, but if we look at the individual match-ups, you'll see that valon behrami will rape whoever portugal plays on the left, and barnetta is too tricky a customer to be tracked by miguel. i'm not saying the swiss will win, but i think they will go out with their heads held high. they're hosts after all. when singapore hosted miss universe some years back, our contender reached the top 10. i mean, come on. surely if it were held somewhere else, she wouldn't be there? not that singaporean girls are ugly, but you know..miss universe? you have to give face to the home team, and i think portugal, even if they win, will have some mercy. but this match is still better left alone.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on switzerland +1.5 @ 1.30 = $6.50


<3.70> <3.10> <1.87>

To be honest, Turkey have a weaker side as compared to Czech Republic. They also have some injury problems - Emre and Gokhan Zan are out for this match. However, the Czechs do not look too threatening going forward in the previous matches against Portugal and Switzerland, whereas the Turks do attack with intent. I think that the goal drought from Czech strikers Baros and Koller will prove to be the Czech's downfall. I won't rule out a penalty shoot out and there's a huge chance this might turn into a goalless draw by the end of 90 minutes, but I want the Turks to win because of the higher odds on it :D

- Roland's prediction: $5 on Turkey @ 3.70 = $18.50

i do not see the czechs winning this one, because of their lack of quality in attack. they struggle to create chances and libor sionko is their main threat, which says a lot about a team. jan koller is not as imposing as he used to be in the air, and on the floor he's a shitkicker. milan baros has never been imposing in the air, and on the floor he's a shitkicker who runs blindly into dead ends.two things could stop the turks from winning - 1) the fear of losing 2) petr cech. with so much at stake, turkey might hold back on their all-out attack which can be quite devastating. holding back might lead to a draw, as the czechs are shitkickers who won't mind penalties. petr cech is a formidable keeper, and will be a formidable presence for the czechs. in a plus for turkey, it seems semih senturk and nihat will be partnered up front, and that should be good for a goal or two.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on turkey @ 3.70 = $18.50
$5 on draw @ 3.10 = $15.50
$5 on turkey +1.5 @ 1.23 = $6.15