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Sunday, June 15, 2008


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Switzerland are out of the tournament. They have nothing to play for but pride, which counts for nothing as the SAF saying goes, "pride can eat meh?". Portugal are top and will go through as group winners because of the head to head stats, and also have nothing to play for. However, what Portugal has on their side is the fact that the second string will be looking to prove their worth to the manager in a bid to secure a spot in the first team. The likes of Quaresma, Nani, and Raul Meireles are all likely to start and they do have the quality to beat Switzerland comfortably. The Swiss on the other hand have striking problems with Alex Frei and Streller out so they won't be able to really trouble the Portugese second string defence, which would definitely be their weakest link.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Portugal @ 1.83 = $18.30

roland is right about this one, or at least quite right. portugal's second string is fearsome. miguel veloso, nani, quaresma, blarblarblarblar. pretty impressive. but somehow something about his confidence is reminding me of "heavy boat". u see, portugal has strength in depth, but if we look at the individual match-ups, you'll see that valon behrami will rape whoever portugal plays on the left, and barnetta is too tricky a customer to be tracked by miguel. i'm not saying the swiss will win, but i think they will go out with their heads held high. they're hosts after all. when singapore hosted miss universe some years back, our contender reached the top 10. i mean, come on. surely if it were held somewhere else, she wouldn't be there? not that singaporean girls are ugly, but you know..miss universe? you have to give face to the home team, and i think portugal, even if they win, will have some mercy. but this match is still better left alone.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on switzerland +1.5 @ 1.30 = $6.50

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