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Monday, June 16, 2008


<2.78> <3.40> <2.10>

the battle of the SHITKICKERS in the singapore league cup 3rd/4th placing. assessing the two sides' quality on paper (would have to be TOILET PAPER, that's how shit they are), it's hard to make a distinction at all. young lions are without khairul amri and hariss harun i suppose, from their international exertions, the only two players who play football. the rest play with shit. balestier have poh yi feng suspended, which is a waste (hehe apt word), because he brings a lot of energy to the team and is their saikang warrior. still, i expect the balestier team to win this game, as it will be held before the final between super reds and gombak, and should there be a draw, they will have to waste unnecessary time playing extra time and penalties, which the crowd really don't give two hoots about. assuming there's a crowd, of course. so, it should be settled in 90 minutes.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on balestier khalsa @ 2.10 = $10.50

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