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Thursday, June 19, 2008


<1.97> <3.15> <3.30>

Apologies for whoever (if there is anyone) who were waiting for my tips on last night's matches - I was on duty and could not access blogger. For the record, I would have placed 5 on Russia and 5 on Spain. I'm serious, trust me. Ah what the heck. Anyway, on to tonight's match. Rested Portugal vs Tired Germany - Podolski has a "calf injury" and Torsten Frings has a "broken rib". Joachim Loew will serve his touchline ban for the match. It all seems to favour the portugese. And I can't say I disagree. Germany's defence has been shit, with Metzelder especially being a very weak link. I'd say the pace and movement of the Portugese attack will carve open Germany. Germany will look to defend well and then counter, but with the eccentric Lehmann standing in goal and flapping at crosses, the Portugese will be able to beat the Germans soundly. The Portugese haven't been known for their defending, but Pepe has been a rock for them in the centre of defence, and the German's attack hasn't looked great with Klose (who I have tipped to be top scorer) being a useless piece of shit. So Portugal for tonight. And odds of 3.75 for Portugal to win by 2 is pretty tempting.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Portugal @ 1.97 = $19.70
$5 on Portugal -1.5 @ 3.75 = $18.75

great match-up tonight, and to me, all 3 results are very possible. i'm gonna disagree with roland here, even after he's kindly reminded me that whenever i oppose him, i come off worse. i think germany's experience will lead them through a match where they will surely lift themselves. their bad performance against croatia can be put down to underestimation of the croats, while their 1-0 victory over austria was possibly nerves getting the better of them. in a match where they are the underdogs, i see them raising their game to defeat portugal. also, the pitch is in a bad condition, and this will definitely suit germany much more, as they're rough and tough, not a bunch of nancies like portugal. however, tipping germany to win at fulltime might be a little risky, as this could easily drag on into extratime and penalties, so we should go with germany to advance to the semis. it's safer.

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on germany to reach the semi-finals @ 2.10 = $21.00
$10 on germany +1.5 @ 1.22 = $12.20

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