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Saturday, April 12, 2008


<1.68> <3.25> <4.45>

arsenal started so well this season, which makes it disappointing for the fans, as we have nothing much left to play for here. even a win at old trafford would still mean we have to play catch-up against two teams, and if anything, it will give chelsea the boost needed for them to push on to win their third title in four years. however, the circumstances surrounding this match are very similar to arsenal's visit to old trafford last season. 1) arsenal HAVE to win to stay in the race. 2) noone really gives arsenal a chance at coming back from old trafford with all 3 points. as such, i do have a feeling that arsenal can come away from old trafford with all 3 points, with walcott possibly playing a big role in this one.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on arsenal @ 4.45 = $22.50

I'm going for an outright United win. Reasons?
1) I am a fan of United
2) Rooney and Ronaldo and Evra and Scholes were fully rested for this match.
3) Arsenal have Flamini and Sagna (both bright sparks of their season) out injured
4) Cesc has looked leggy in the last few matches
5) United need to win to keep themselves ahead of Chelsea, who have 2 games this week (assuming Chelsea win both), and if they do so they'll have a game in hand too.
6) It's at Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams. 4-0.

- Roland's prediction: $5 on United @ 1.68 = $8.40


<2.10> <3.10> <3.02> MATCH CODE: 1501

valencia are in terrible form, with a superb and unexpected win against real madrid a few weeks back being their only win in quite a few games. their season in general, has been disastrous, and i won't be too surprised to see a major overhaul at the end of the season. they're currently 6 points off the relegation places, and a defeat or a draw here could push them closer to the bottom. racing, on the other hand, have been simply superb this season, and they find themselves in 5th spot, despite the surprising defeat by deportivo. for valencia, " the rot has to end somewhere", and i believe they will do it here, against a racing santander side, who will miss ezequiel garay, their defensive rock, for the rest of the season.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on valencia @ 2.10 = $10.50


<4.50> <3.40> <1.63> MATCH CODE: 1502

barcelona go into this match not looking convincing at all in recent times. thierry henry looks a shadow of his former arsenal self being left on the wing, while eto'o is struggling to recapture his pre-injury form. they also have a few injury concerns going into this match, with iniesta, zambrotta, marquez and xavi all injury doubts. however, a major boost would be the fact that lionel messi, the little argentinian wizard, looks set to play some part in this match after coming through a week of training unscathed. barca's away form is atrocious, having only won once in the last five games away. however, i just fancy barca to have a little too much for recreativo, so take barca, but don't go crazy. recreativo always possess a goal threat, as they displayed against real madrid last season, and they have been in rather good form of late, with a morale-boosting away win at osasuna last time out.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on barcelona at 1.63 = $8.15

Friday, April 11, 2008


<2.15> <3.20> <2.85> Match code: 0307

Now this is a match that could go either way. Pompey haven't scored a lot, but they also have not conceded much. Newcastle were the team to bet against until 3 weeks ago, where they registered their first win under Keegan and proceeded to demolish Spurs and Reading. I'm banking on Newcastle's momentum to carry them through and defeat Portsmouth at Fratton Park. Reasons? Expect Newcastle's midfield trio of Butt, Barton and Geremi to keep the creative talents of Kranjcar shut, as well as the power of Muntari. Geremi is Cameroonian, nuff said. Butt has tonnes of experience which will effectively render Kranjcar useless. Without the supply line, Defoe will be effectively kept quiet. As for Newcastle's attack, the combination of pace (martins and owen), power (viduka) and experience (viduka and owen) will prove too lethal to a strong but ageing Portsmouth defence.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Newcastle @ 2.85 = $28.50


<5.70> <3.60> <1.48> Match code: 0306

Getting rich 101: Bet against derby. Do that all season and you'd have made lots of money. And it's for that reason that, even with bad odds, I'm going for Aston Villa. Forget their 4-0 loss against Manchester United, that's Manchester United. We're too good. Aston Villa have gotten out of their slump and returned to their winning ways with an emphatic 4-0 victory over Bolton. Their attack has been looking sharp and I just don't see Derby keeping them out.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Aston Villa @ 1.48 = $14.80 (why can't i place $100?)
$10 on Aston Villa -1.5 @ 2.45 = $ 24.50

"Bet against derby" is another theory in my book of football betting logic. however, recently, they have shown signs of improvement, possibly because they relax now, playing only for pride. also, their home form in the past 3 games has been good, with 2 draws, and a 1-0 loss against mighty manchester united (who will suffer a defeat this weekend against arsenal). derby have shown that they can fight, and frustrate teams, and i think it might happen this week. besides, what's the point of gunning for an aston villa win? go for the other villa, emmanuel villa, of derby. it's always more fun to support the underdog. take derby +1.5 (1.45). Those odds are likely to rise, as S'poreans pour money on Villa to beat Derby by two or more.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on Derby +1.5 @ 1.45 = $7.25


<2.00> <3.15> <3.20> MATCH CODE: 0301

Following their disappointing loss to Portsmouth, West Ham travel to the Reebok Stadium against relegation threatened Bolton. I normally would not bet on this match, because there's always this chance that the wrong Bolton might show up. There is the Bolton that pushed Arsenal to the end before losing 2-3 with great fighting spirit, and yet there is the Bolton that we've seen all season, floundering. However, with skipper Kevin Nolan back, I think that we'll see the latter and it'll turn out to be either a win or a draw for Bolton. (Note the safety bet that I placed)

- Roland's prediction: $5 on Bolton @ 2.00 = $10
$5 on draw @ 3.15 = $15.75


<1.85> <3.15> <3.70> MATCH CODE: 0304

Relegation battlers Fulham can't seem to do anything right. They threw away a win against Derby and lost at home to Sunderland who haven't looked good away from the Stadium of Light. Even with influential Jimmy Bullard back, all he does is take long shots and free kicks that hardly go into the net. Their lack of firepower upfront is very evident, and even though Eddie Johnson has shown his electrifying pace in recent matches he doesn't look settled in the team. Reading on the other hand have gone through a mini revival, 3 wins 2 losses and a draw in the past 6 games, which takes them out of the relegation zone. I expect reading to continue their form, led by their bright spark f or their entire season, Stephen Hunt, and register a win over Fulham.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Reading @ 1.85 = $18.50

fulham are on a terrible run of form, and they haven't won an away game since the time t-rex and velociraptors roamed the earth. however, all runs, good or bad, have to stop someday, and i think if ever there was a time fulham could grab an away win, this is it. they are almost doomed already, and winning this one could give them just a glimmer of hope. i think they will win. they have to. bullard will be key to this one, as eddie johnson misses out. expect bullard to pull a rabbit out of a hat to rescue fulham.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on fulham @ 3.70 = $18.50


<1.63> <3.40> <4.50> MATCH CODE: 0302

Spurs have been leaky defensively all season, but they sure can score goals. Middlesbrough on the other hand haven't been scoring much, preferring to eke out 1-0 wins. Downing is their top scorer with 6 goals to his name, whereas Robbie Keane and Berbatov have notched up 14 and 11 goals respectively. It's hard to see Middlesbrough taking this one as their away form has been bad this season - 3 wins, 8 losses and the rest draws - disregarding their excellent yet unlucky loss against Chelsea. Spurs on the other hand, under the Ramos renaissance, have looked great upfront and seem to have stemmed the leak at the back (disregarding the match against Newcastle, which I will regard as an aberration due to the Keegan renaissance). I would say Spurs have enough quality to see off Middlesbrough convincingly, with Robert Huth still sidelined.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Tottenham @ 1.63 = $16.30
$5 on Tottenham -1.5 @ 2.80 = $14

i agree with roland. Tottenham to win this one. they have the better side on paper, and betting logic suggests they will win. u see, boro have only lost one in their last five, and that was an unlucky loss against chelsea. spurs on the other hand, have only won once in their last six. boro's good form should end tomorrow night - as nelly furtado famously said "why do all good things come to an end? come to an end? come to an...Why do all good things come to an end?" and she's right. all good things do come to an end. like my betting win streaks, and boro's good form. i say take tottenham, but don't be so confident on it, like roland is.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on tottenham @ 1.63 = $8.15

Thursday, April 10, 2008


<1.23> <5.00> <8.60> MATCH CODE: 0109

i'm sure by now, you guys would be familiar with the theory that i most love when it comes to football betting. "The Rot HAS to end somewhere" has been tried and tested, and has worked for me, quite a couple of times, with notable exceptions being newcastle united, who really killed me for a couple of months. basically, the theory works for teams that don't have too bad a squad of players - they just don't seem to be able to get it right! geylang's form is very surprising, they're now third from bottom, but they have to rise quick, or fear ending up in the bottom half of the table come the end of the season, which would be very embarrassing. their defence comprises of baihakki khaizan and aide iskander, which sounds very good on paper. in the final third, they can rely on masrezwan masturi, fazrul nawaz, and noor ali. their bad luck has to end someday, and why not tomorrow in a live telecast match at jalan besar stadium? i say, go for a small fun wager on geylang, cross your fingers, grab some chips, and plonk your fat ass on the sofa and tune in to Channel 5 come 7:30pm. if you're not willing to go for the geylang win, you could go for less risky outcomes, like the draw (4.70) or geylang +1.5 (1.80).

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on geylang +1.5 @ 1.95 = $19.50
$5 on geylang win @ 8.60 = $43



<2.90> <3.15> <2.15>

bayern and getafe played out a 1-1 draw in germany last week, which was a rather surprising result, but of course, those who have watched bolton come away from munich with a late kevin davies equaliser can't be too surprised. getafe are a solid side, but certainly their quality will not be able to stand up to Bayern's. as bayern do not have the away goal advantage, i fancy them to go on an all-out attack mode, and this will really hurt getafe, who are not exactly great at the back. man to watch will be luca toni, as i fancy his physical style of play to be key to unlocking getafe. i also fancy bayern to overcome the -1.5 handicap (4.00).

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on bayern munich @ 2.15 = $21.50
$5 on bayern munich -1.5 @ 4.00 = $20.00

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well well. It hasn't been a bad week. I've made 4 bets and won 2, but the key thing is that I've won the bigger bets ($10) and lost the side gambles ($5), which keeps me in the green. To be honest both my side gambles could well have paid off - Arsenal and Liverpool were destined for a 2-2 draw before an atrocious refereeing decision, while Manchester United had like 4 1on1s which Doni saved brilliantly, denying me my bet of United -1.5. The Portsmouth win paid dividends and it shows how good defensively Portsmouth are - they limited West Ham to only shots from outside the box, as well as how shitty David Nugent is and that he should go back to the Championship. I was honestly quite afraid when I heard that Defoe was not included in the squad due to "family bereavement", but it paid off in the end. For the United bet, I was pretty assured all along, albeit being shocked when I found out that Ronaldo AND Rooney were rested for the Arsenal match. I guess it shows our strength in depth when we can pretty convincingly beat Roma without our main players. Granted, Roma had their chances, but they were mostly long range shots a la West Ham. And to those who say "with Totti and Aquilani it would be a different story" - I'd reply with a "with Vidic, Ronaldo, Rooney and Scholes it would be a different story". Good news for us, Puyol will be out for the first leg against United, and everyone knows how Puyol is instrumental in Barca's already leaky defence. Cheers! - Roland

well, what a week it has been. my beloved arsenal crashed out of the champions league undeservedly, after playing liverpool off the pitch thrice. ah, scousers doing what they do best, robbing. anyway, my initial good streak was followed by 3 bad bets yesterday, but i'm glad i made it up to myself and anyone reading/betting, with 3 solid bets in the evening, home united and chunnam dragons doing their part for the "Beat the Roland" cause. chunnam, in particular, showing that the theory of "The Rot Has To End Somewhere" does have its place in the books of football betting logic. my s-league bets didn't really surprise me, with 80% wins reflecting rather accurately my s-league form since the start of the season. geylang really surprised me. losing 3-1 to dalian shide (should be renamed dalian shite) is a sign of a team low in confidence. sometimes, the defending is so loose, it reminds viewers of the people that populate geylang at night. all in all though, i've made a profit of $22.50 from $70, not the best, perhaps, but hopefully i get a little more luck in the weeks to come. look forward to domination over roland in more leagues than just the s-league! - Eddy


<1.90> <3.25> <3.20>

chunnam and chonburi's form could not have been any more different coming into this match. chonburi are on an unbeaten streak both domestically and on the continent, while chunnam dragons' defence are playing exactly like the animal that represents them - sometimes you wonder if they really exist. however, as i'm a firm believer of "the rot has to end SOMEWHERE", i am tipping chunnam dragons to come out on top at home against the thai tomyam boys. both sides will be missing key players, chunnam missing their brazilian strike duo of schuba and sandro, while chonburi have sunthornpit suspended and strong defender sukha injured. chunnam have to win to keep their hopes of reaching the knockout phase alive, and that's exactly what they will do here.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on Chunnam Dragons @ 1.90 = $9.50


<4.80> <3.40> <1.60>

home united should win this one, even though they have been lucky to get late goals in recent matches. woodlands wellington, on the other hand, have been desperately unlucky, conceding late goals all the time. i'm still going for home united though, right after losing a bet on Geylang, the first for my S-League bets. they are priced at 1.60, and people looking to profit from this should not go in with their children's university funds or anything, as woodlands are not a terrible team. a small wager on them to overcome the -1.5 handicap by beating woodlands by 2 or more should also be considered, as home united have indra sahdan back from his MLS trials, and he has been looking sharp in recent matches.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on Home United @ 1.60 = $8.00
$5 on Home United -1.5 @ 2.60 = $13.00

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


<1.70> <3.25> <4.30>

A game where United are heavily tipped as favourites to go through, United have both home advantage and the benefit of having two away goals. To take Roma would be suicidal - they have only won 1 in their last 13 games away in England. Together with the absence of their talismanic top scorer Totti, this game points towards a United win. Even with the absence of Vidic and the possible absence of Rio, I feel that United have enough defensive cover to keep the Roma attack out - Pique proved to be an excellent deputy in Rio's absence and Brown has been solid all season. Clumsy O'shea could also be dropped for Har-griefs, who seems to be doing well at right back. Expect Roma to come to Old Trafford opening the match cautiously. I don't expect them to shut up shop the whole game, Roma will eventually go all guns blazing as they probably have nothing to lose, leaving them wide open against United's magnificent attacking football (Duh, I'm a United fan), which has been top class in the past few matches. A gamble could be also made by taking United -1.5 @ 3.05, which are very decent odds.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Man Utd @ 1.70 = $17
$5 on Man Utd -1.5 @ 3.05 = $ 15.15

Monday, April 7, 2008


<2.20> <2.95> <2.98>

we've finally arrived at part 3 of the arsepool trilogy. liverpool really rode their luck in the previous two exchanges, while arsenal dominated without really threatening too much. a very tough match to call, and i would generally advise people to stay away from such matches. meaning if u have already been losing money, please do not look at this match as your saviour. i fancy arsenal to finally get a little luck against the scousers, who for a "big club", were rather shamefully content to just soak up arsenal pressure without really showing much attacking intent. walcott also showed in both matches that he can be quite a handful, and i fancy wenger to start him in a match where arsenal have to attack and get that away goal. i fancy a repeat of the milan encounter, where arsenal came through against all odds. i won some money in that one, and hopefully, we all will in this one.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on arsenal @ 2.98 = $14.90

This matchup cannot get any worse. Liverpool go in with the away goal advantage, having drawn 1-1 at the Emirates, and just need a goalless draw to go through, something that they are very well capable of doing. Arsenal have dominated the previous two matches only to be unable to translate their dominance into goal, and Liverpool will look to defend tightly against a Van Persie-less strike force. Marauding right back Sagna, together with Rosicky are both out for the match as well. Liverpool, on the other hand, have a full first team to choose from, and I expect Skrtel and Carragher to fully shackle Adebayor. Liverpool will line up with a tight 4-2-3-1 with both holding midfielders Mascherano and Alonso denying Arsenal the space while using the immaculate passing of Alonso and Gerrard to release Torres into spaces behind the Arsenal defence once both Eboue and Clichy go forward. I honestly can't see Arsenal winning, but one must look back at their masterclass performance against Milan when everyone expected Milan to win - Arsenal are at their best when they're underdogs. But I fancy Arsenal to fail to score with their lack of bite upfront that has translated into 4 consecutive draws before their loss to Chelsea. It's all set out to be a goalless or a 1-1 draw, the third draw in the last 3 meetings between both sides. If anything, Liverpool to win and go through.

- Roland's prediction: $5 on Draw @ 2.95 = $14.75


<4.20> <3.30> <1.70>

this is a match between two of the more entertaining sides in the league. tampines with their attacking trio of qiu li, aliff shafaein, and muhammad ridhuan up against the solid pairing of ryota doi and akira takase up front for albirex niigata. expect goals in this one, but i just fancy tampines rovers to edge this one, which would be crucial for them, as they have been underachieving all season, and now find themselves a whopping 10 points behind leaders SAFFC, with only 7 games played. mustafic fahrudin is in imperious form, and is likely to dominate the midfield exchanges in this match, while the guile of rafi ali could ensure a torrid night for the albirex defence, as they struggle to cope with the attacking prowess of tampines.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on tampines @ 1.70 = $8.50


<1.78> <3.30> <3.70>

geylang united take on dalian in what is surprisingly a mid-table clash, if you believe pre-season boasts, of course. geylang predicted that they would be challenging for top spots, while dalian's feeder team claimed they were even better than the first team of china's other powerhouse, shandong luneng (haha). in terms of overall quality though, geylang are clearly better, and this along with dalian's inexperience and lack of squad depth should lead to an easy victory for geylang. further optimism should be drawn from the fact that geylang boast two strikers in form, namely masrezwan masturi and recent goal hero against lebanon, fazrul nawaz. as such, expect geylang to win this one, but don't be too hasty on taking the handicap for them, as they are VERY leaky in defence, conceding 17 goals already this season, the worst in the league.

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on Geylang @ 1.78 = $17.80


<2.25> <3.10> <2.77>

West Ham have had a dreadful 2008 - consecutive 4-0 losses to 10 man Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs. With the longest injury list in the EPL, West Ham haven't been at their best recently. Even with a resurgent Dean Ashton, Portsmouth have too much confidence going into this game. With an in form Jermain Defoe and the 2nd meanest defence in the EPL outside of the top 4 (thanks to David James), together with a healthy squad with very few injuries, I'm very sure that the African Nations will be able to win at Upton Park.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Portsmouth @ 2.77 = $27.70

Well well i see roland has cast his first bet of the challenge. usually this is not a match I would touch, but since he's thrown the challenge down to me, i will express my views on this match. This is one of those matches where all 3 outcomes wouldn't really surprise anyone. West Ham will point to their recent 2-1 victory at home to blackburn rovers, while portsmouth have despatched both wigan and west brom convincingly in the past 2 matches. however, i fancy this one to end in a draw, with an almighty tussle in midfield with muntari and diarra against parker and mullins meaning that both teams will not be able to build up any rhythm.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on Draw @ 3.10 = $15.50

Sunday, April 6, 2008

6 Apr 2008 (s-league, epl, fa cup, german bundesliga)

ok first post by me. been enjoying some good results of late, and have decided to take my buddy on in public through this site of course. hopefully we'll be able to help you guys out there make some money at the same time. so here goes.

Balestier Khalsa v SAFFC (S-League)
<19.00> <8.00> <1.05>

well well. I'm a great believer of "the rot HAS to stop somewhere", and balestier khalsa's rot is so bad you could smell it from a sealed room halfway around the world. 2 points from a possible 21 since the start of the season, 5 goals scored, 10 conceded, balestier really can't do any worse.

now now, you may be thinking that i'm asking you to have a small wager on balestier, but honestly, don't. i did say it has to stop somewhere, but SAFFC is not a team you'd like to bet against. there is not much point in backing SAFFC though, a $100 bet would give you $5. even if you do have $100, i'd advise against risking it like that. SAFFC are 6 from 6, and look like retaining their S-League crown. however, the players could be stretched by international and AFC Cup commitments. John Wilkinson is suspended for the match, and being a vital cog in the SAFFC engine, it could stop SAFFC from producing their champagne football. Balestier, as a side who look to defend all the time could very well frustrate SAFFC. the 10 goals conceded by balestier is the best from a team in the bottom half, and considering all these factors, 1.05 is not a risk worth taking at all.

however, if you have to have a bet, i'd advise you to back balestier on the handicap, where they have a +2.5 goal advantage over saffc. i really do not think balestier will be beaten by 3 or more, as they seldom get whacked, and in fact if you remember the 1-1 draw with tampines rovers earlier this season, they possess the ability to frustrate better opposition. singapore pools is offering you 2.35 to take balestier on the handicap, and i say take it.

Verdict: If you have to bet, take balestier +2.5 (2.35).

Middlesbrough v Manchester United (EPL or BPL, whatever you call it)
<8.00> <4.50> <1.28>

Manchester United are under some sort of pressure from Chelsea breathing down their necks with a typical effective yet unconvincing display at the City of Manchester Stadium. as such, I predict Manyoo to come up tops in this one, although once again, at 1.28, you'd be better off spending your money having a few beers than taking the risk. Middlesbrough seem to have found a little form in the second half of the season, producing good displays against sides like Arsenal and Villa, so 1.28 is honestly, a little insulting to the boro. my advice is to stay away from the match. on the 1.5 handicap market, taking manyoo to win by two goals or more is priced at 1.95. this could be worth taking, as ronaldo and rooney are in fantastic form. however, boro being the home team, could well frustrate manyoo, and as such i fancy boro with the handicap at +1.5. odds are a little low though, at 1.70. to add to the confidence behind backing boro on the handicap, nemanja vidic is out, and his solid presence at the back will certainly be missed by fergie.

Verdict: have a little wager on boro +1.5 (1.70), could earn you enough money for a beer or two. but don't go all the way.

Barnsley v Cardiff (FA Cup Semi-Final)

an unlikely FA Cup semifinal sees two Championship sides battle it out to earn the right to face off against Pompey at Wembley in the final. I really fancy Cardiff in this one. to me, there are only two possibilities here, a draw, or a Cardiff win. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink returns to the Cardiff eleven, after missing his last 3 through suspension. I suspect Barnsley will be more concerned with trying to stay in the Championship, and as such, will end up losing this one, but you just never know. Everyone wrote off Barnsley when they faced Pool and Chelsea, but they came through those tests with flying colours. however, i'm backing cardiff because of the superior quality in the squad. they have the superb peter whittingham, who almost single-handedly demolished middlesbrough in their last cup outing. glenn loovens is also very useful in defence, and i think barnsley will have to up their game a lot to be able to beat cardiff.

Verdict: It could be a draw (3.10) or a cardiff win (2.15), but i'm more inclined to go for the 2.15 outright win for cardiff. if you're adventurous, take cardiff -1.5, which has an attractive price of 4.20.

Dortmund v Bayer Leverkusen (Bundesliga)
<2.25> <3.20> <2.70>

A very tough one to call, as both teams have good quality, on paper at least. Leverkusen have lost their last two matches, both shameful home defeats to Eintracht Frankfurt (0-2) and Zenit St Petersburg (1-4). A draw looks likely, but i'll stick my head out to predict a win for Bayer Leverkusen (2.70). Rather good odds actually, and I reckon the leverkusen players will be looking to put things right and arrest their slide which has seen them slip out of the Champions League places, although they do have a game in hand. to add to the argument for a leverkusen win, christian worns is suspended, and he has been an integral part of the dortmund backline. a win for leverkusen here would propel them back into the top 3 places, as they have a superior goal difference to hamburg and werder bremen, and that is exactly what i am going for here.

Verdict: Bayer Leverkusen for the win (2.70).


In conclusion, using $30 as capital, this is how I would spend it.

$10 balestier khalsa +2.5 (2.35)
$10 cardiff win (2.15)
$5 middlesbrough +1.5 (1.70)
$5 bayer leverkusen (2.70)

Total if ALL win: $23.50 + $21.50 + $8.50 + $13.50 = $67

my buddy and i will battle it out like that week after week, and our performances will be tracked in a table, which i should be coming up with soon. anyway, good luck for the bets, and hopefully everyone is richer!