as great as we are, we tipsters gotta eat too

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


<4.80> <3.40> <1.60>

home united should win this one, even though they have been lucky to get late goals in recent matches. woodlands wellington, on the other hand, have been desperately unlucky, conceding late goals all the time. i'm still going for home united though, right after losing a bet on Geylang, the first for my S-League bets. they are priced at 1.60, and people looking to profit from this should not go in with their children's university funds or anything, as woodlands are not a terrible team. a small wager on them to overcome the -1.5 handicap by beating woodlands by 2 or more should also be considered, as home united have indra sahdan back from his MLS trials, and he has been looking sharp in recent matches.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on Home United @ 1.60 = $8.00
$5 on Home United -1.5 @ 2.60 = $13.00

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