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Friday, April 11, 2008


<2.00> <3.15> <3.20> MATCH CODE: 0301

Following their disappointing loss to Portsmouth, West Ham travel to the Reebok Stadium against relegation threatened Bolton. I normally would not bet on this match, because there's always this chance that the wrong Bolton might show up. There is the Bolton that pushed Arsenal to the end before losing 2-3 with great fighting spirit, and yet there is the Bolton that we've seen all season, floundering. However, with skipper Kevin Nolan back, I think that we'll see the latter and it'll turn out to be either a win or a draw for Bolton. (Note the safety bet that I placed)

- Roland's prediction: $5 on Bolton @ 2.00 = $10
$5 on draw @ 3.15 = $15.75

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