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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well well. It hasn't been a bad week. I've made 4 bets and won 2, but the key thing is that I've won the bigger bets ($10) and lost the side gambles ($5), which keeps me in the green. To be honest both my side gambles could well have paid off - Arsenal and Liverpool were destined for a 2-2 draw before an atrocious refereeing decision, while Manchester United had like 4 1on1s which Doni saved brilliantly, denying me my bet of United -1.5. The Portsmouth win paid dividends and it shows how good defensively Portsmouth are - they limited West Ham to only shots from outside the box, as well as how shitty David Nugent is and that he should go back to the Championship. I was honestly quite afraid when I heard that Defoe was not included in the squad due to "family bereavement", but it paid off in the end. For the United bet, I was pretty assured all along, albeit being shocked when I found out that Ronaldo AND Rooney were rested for the Arsenal match. I guess it shows our strength in depth when we can pretty convincingly beat Roma without our main players. Granted, Roma had their chances, but they were mostly long range shots a la West Ham. And to those who say "with Totti and Aquilani it would be a different story" - I'd reply with a "with Vidic, Ronaldo, Rooney and Scholes it would be a different story". Good news for us, Puyol will be out for the first leg against United, and everyone knows how Puyol is instrumental in Barca's already leaky defence. Cheers! - Roland

well, what a week it has been. my beloved arsenal crashed out of the champions league undeservedly, after playing liverpool off the pitch thrice. ah, scousers doing what they do best, robbing. anyway, my initial good streak was followed by 3 bad bets yesterday, but i'm glad i made it up to myself and anyone reading/betting, with 3 solid bets in the evening, home united and chunnam dragons doing their part for the "Beat the Roland" cause. chunnam, in particular, showing that the theory of "The Rot Has To End Somewhere" does have its place in the books of football betting logic. my s-league bets didn't really surprise me, with 80% wins reflecting rather accurately my s-league form since the start of the season. geylang really surprised me. losing 3-1 to dalian shide (should be renamed dalian shite) is a sign of a team low in confidence. sometimes, the defending is so loose, it reminds viewers of the people that populate geylang at night. all in all though, i've made a profit of $22.50 from $70, not the best, perhaps, but hopefully i get a little more luck in the weeks to come. look forward to domination over roland in more leagues than just the s-league! - Eddy

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