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Thursday, April 10, 2008


<1.23> <5.00> <8.60> MATCH CODE: 0109

i'm sure by now, you guys would be familiar with the theory that i most love when it comes to football betting. "The Rot HAS to end somewhere" has been tried and tested, and has worked for me, quite a couple of times, with notable exceptions being newcastle united, who really killed me for a couple of months. basically, the theory works for teams that don't have too bad a squad of players - they just don't seem to be able to get it right! geylang's form is very surprising, they're now third from bottom, but they have to rise quick, or fear ending up in the bottom half of the table come the end of the season, which would be very embarrassing. their defence comprises of baihakki khaizan and aide iskander, which sounds very good on paper. in the final third, they can rely on masrezwan masturi, fazrul nawaz, and noor ali. their bad luck has to end someday, and why not tomorrow in a live telecast match at jalan besar stadium? i say, go for a small fun wager on geylang, cross your fingers, grab some chips, and plonk your fat ass on the sofa and tune in to Channel 5 come 7:30pm. if you're not willing to go for the geylang win, you could go for less risky outcomes, like the draw (4.70) or geylang +1.5 (1.80).

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on geylang +1.5 @ 1.95 = $19.50
$5 on geylang win @ 8.60 = $43

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