as great as we are, we tipsters gotta eat too

Saturday, July 12, 2008


<3.60> <3.45> <1.78>

oita trinita have a very solid home record, and they will fancy their chances against the urawa reds. however, in recent weeks, the reds seem to have regained the sparkle, and they now play like the best footballing side in the world, arsenal. hahahaha ok im biased. back to serious matters, for a semi-decent side like oita trinita, they're just not losing enough at home, having been defeated only once, and that was by gamba osaka. the urawa reds can be backed in this game, but do not go all in. as i've said, the reds play like arsenal, but they also miss chances like arsenal and fail to put teams away. as such, this is by no means a sure banker, but i think the likes of edmilson in attack, and tulio from setpieces will really trouble oita.

- Eddy's predictions: $5 on urawa reds @ 1.78 = $8.90


<2.05> <3.25> <3.00>

nagoya head into this matchup with kashiwa after an unexpected loss to albirex niigata last time out. their opponents now are kashiwa reysol, who lead them on goal difference in 3rd place. should be an exciting match-up, and i really can't see nagoya losing this one, especially after the defeat last week. tough choice between the draw and the win, but i think i'll go for the win, purely because kashiwa are unbeaten in 9 games. has to end somewhere no?

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on nagoya grampus @ 2.05 = $10.25

Friday, July 11, 2008


<4.20> <3.20> <1.73>

well. big shock last time, but i feel that bangkok university, if they get knocked out, would be a blow to football. they play good attacking quick football, and if teams like young lions can beat them, with a dan hammond goal, then i think it's sad. take bangkok for the win, but don't go too heavy. ismail yunos is out, and isa halim is back, so that pretty much evens things up for young lions.

- Eddy's predictions: $5 on bangkok uni @ 1.73 = $8.65
$5 on bangkok uni score 1st goal @ 1.55 = $7.75

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


<2.68> <3.20> <2.25>

super reds will go into this match with a bit of an unknown factor. they have brought in 3 new players from korea, and we all know what happened the last time they brought back reinforcements from korea. saffc go into this game with aleksander duric going through a scoring drought of sorts, but norikazu murakami has taken over the duties, scoring 4 in his last 2. anyway, duric has not scored the opening goal for quite some time, and i reckon a wager on him scoring the first goal is worth a pop at 4.70. also, i can see saffc winning this, as the super reds look really tired. don't go in too heavy, as they have the new players from korea, as i mentioned. also, strangely, oh ddog yi is not in spools' list of first and last scorers, which is strange, because he usually is on the list. this suggests to me he's injured, even though I can't be sure, cos i can't find injury news on him.

- Eddy's predictions: $5 on saffc @ 2.25 = $11.25
$5 on saffc to score 1st @ 1.85 = $9.25
$5 on duric to score first @ 4.70 = $23.50


<2.75> <2.95> <2.35>

and my losing streak went on...bangkok university inexplicably succumbed to a goal from the guy i've been least impressed with in the young lions team, daniel hammond. well, my luck's gotta turn sometime? i think home united should win against tampines because they have the better players, if only just. mustafic fahrudin will look to foil the creativity of the home midfielders, but i think he'll have his work cut out trying to neutralise shahril ishak, peres de oliveira and shi jiayi. i'm backing home united and i hope they don't disappoint.

- Eddy's predictions: $5 on home utd @ 2.35 = $11.75
$5 on home utd to win at halftime @ 3.15 = $15.75
$5 on home utd to score first @ 1.85 = $9.25

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


<1.25> <4.75> <8.40>

the young lions look in awful shape. khairul amri has left, hariss harun has been ruled out for the rest of the season with a bad injury, and isa halim is suspended for this one. this means that the young lions have noone half-decent to play. the remainder of the team is made up of shitkickers, and given their attacking threat is close to nil with the absentees, i expect bangkok to win this one.

- Eddy's predictions: $10 on bangkok uni @ 1.25 = $12.50
$5 on bangkok uni to win at half-time @ 1.58 = $7.90

Monday, July 7, 2008


<2.50> <3.20> <2.40>

woodlands head into this game after a 1-1 draw last week in the first leg. this time, they will have abdelhadi laakkad back from injury. hasrin jailani should also be back for them, and this, i think is crucial, as it should give woodlands the superiority in midfield, considering the thais are without their captain. i feel woodlands have a big chance of winning this.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on woodlands @ 2.50 = $12.50
$5 on woodlands to score 1st goal @ 2.10 = $10.50
$5 on woodlands to lead at half time @ 3.45 = $17.25