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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


<2.68> <3.20> <2.25>

super reds will go into this match with a bit of an unknown factor. they have brought in 3 new players from korea, and we all know what happened the last time they brought back reinforcements from korea. saffc go into this game with aleksander duric going through a scoring drought of sorts, but norikazu murakami has taken over the duties, scoring 4 in his last 2. anyway, duric has not scored the opening goal for quite some time, and i reckon a wager on him scoring the first goal is worth a pop at 4.70. also, i can see saffc winning this, as the super reds look really tired. don't go in too heavy, as they have the new players from korea, as i mentioned. also, strangely, oh ddog yi is not in spools' list of first and last scorers, which is strange, because he usually is on the list. this suggests to me he's injured, even though I can't be sure, cos i can't find injury news on him.

- Eddy's predictions: $5 on saffc @ 2.25 = $11.25
$5 on saffc to score 1st @ 1.85 = $9.25
$5 on duric to score first @ 4.70 = $23.50

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