as great as we are, we tipsters gotta eat too

Friday, May 2, 2008


<2.15> <3.20> <2.85>

reading go into this game needing all 3 points to stave off relegation fears, while tottenham have nothing much to play for, having secured uefa cup football for next season after winning the league cup. both teams haven't won in five games, and reading have amazingly failed to score in those five games. tottenham have been unlucky to draw each of their last four games, so i think and hope that they will break their unlucky streak here to really trouble reading here.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on tottenham @ 2.85 = $14.25


<1.10> <6.50> <15.00>

I think the 1.10 on offer is way too low to even consider risking any money on it, as west ham are not terrible, while manyoo might have rooney and vidic out for this one. ashton has the quality to trouble the united defence, as they tend to have trouble with big skilful strikers, as roque santa cruz proved when blackburn drew with united. manyoo have to win though, so i still think united will win this one, but it won't be too easy. take west ham on +2.5, as i do not see west ham getting beaten by 3.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on west ham +2.5 @ 1.45 = $7.25

There won't be questions about lineup. Manchester United will go all out to win this one and place pressure on Chelsea who visit Newcastle on monday. Expect a convincing win, even though West Ham are Man Utd's bogey team. The momentum of going into the Champions League final will carry over into this match and give Man Utd the win.

-Roland's prediction: $10 on utd @ 1.10 = $11.00


<1.90> <3.20> <3.45>

I'm a great fan of Portsmouth. They played great attacking football last week but lost unluckily to Blackburn. They love getting down the flanks and putting dangerous balls into the box and I think they will snatch a win at Middlesbrough, seeing as how they have been great away from home all season.

-Roland's prediction: $5 on Portsmouth @ 3.45 = $17.25


<2.10> <3.20> <2.95>

Fulham host Birmingham in what could be a decider in the relegation dogfight. I expect goals aplenty in this one, and if you can, go for the Over 2.5 option. Birmingham have shown the ability to score goals but not keep their lead, so expect Fulham to score a few too. I wouldn't bet on anybody winning or drawing, but a high scoring game is due.

- Roland's prediction: $5 on 3 total goals @ 3.70 = $18.50
$5 on 4 total goals @ 5.90 = $23.60


<1.20> <5.10> <10.00>

well roland says bet against derby, and i'm going to oppose him again, despite arsenal and aston villa proving me wrong in the past few weeks. in the past few weeks, derby have limited everton, boro, and west ham to 1-goal victories away from home, and i don't see them getting smacked by blackburn, who were damn impressive against pompey, but let's not forget the season has already ended for pompey, as they focus on the fa cup final. so take derby on +1.5, and use the money earned to punt on a derby win. i see derby winning one more game this season. will this be the one? cross your fingers tight.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on derby +1.5 @ 2.10 = $10.50
$5 on derby @ 10.00 = $50.00

Bet against Derby has been the winning formula for this season and I don't think it can go any different this week. Blackburn beat Portsmouth away, albeit being outclassed for most of the match. They will look to secure their 8th position and European qualification as Man City are behind them only on goal difference. David Bentley has been outstanding all season, and Morten Gamst Pedersen looks to have regained his form. They will be too much for Derby, although I don't see the AOS happening for this one.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on blackburn @ 1.20 = $12.00
$10 on blackburn -1.5 @ 1.60 = $16.00


<1.45> <3.70> <5.90>

Aston Villa host Wigan after their 2-2 draw against Everton. Aston Villa have looked great since their slump in form, and were the better team against Everton. Wigan have nothing much to play for as they have pretty much secured their place in the EPL next season with 2 games to go at 37 points. I expect Aston Villa to win this one, pretty comfortably as they look to catch Everton who play away against Arsenal.

-Roland's prediction: $10 on Aston Villa @ 1.45 = $14.50
$5 on Aston Villa -1.5 @ 2.40 = $12.00

Thursday, May 1, 2008


<2.75> <3.00> <2.32>

i can only see this match going two ways, a draw, or a WWW (woodlands wellington win). the young lions seem to rely way too much on the talents of khairul amri and hariss harun, and they're bound to be humiliated by a more complete team soon. woodlands wellington come into this after an impressive win over albirex niigata, while the young lions struggled to break down 10-man dalian last week. i see woodlands' good form continuing here, with a win over the young lions to lift themselves into the top 4, especially with fadzuhasny juraimi back. if you're feeling adventurous, go for -1.5 @ 4.00, quite juicy.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on woodlands @ 2.35 = $11.75


<3.60> <3.15> <1.87>

i thought bayern would have won the home leg of this match last week, but zenit continued to surprise, coming back with a fortunate 1-1 draw. this time though, zenit miss andrey arshavin, their key playmaker, along with fernando ricksen and radek sirl, all through suspension. luca toni comes back, which is a major plus for bayern, and i just think the weekend win against stuttgrt served two purposes: 1) allows bayern to concentrate on the uefa cup 2) gives them a major morale boost. however, do not go too heavy into this match, because zenit have recently been warned by the russian FA about the condition of the pitch, which is terrible. this would definitely favour the home team a little, as they are familiar with such a situation.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on bayern @ 1.85 = $9.35


<1.58> <3.47> <4.80>

my terrible european form continued, as liverpool failed to turn up in the first half, something i did not predict. in any case, i think the uefa cup will bring me some consolation hopefully. fiorentina managed a draw away at rangers, and with rangers having lost 3-2 to celtic at the weekend, they come into this a little down in spirits. in any case, fiorentina's squad is way better, and i think that this year, we will see a bayern - fiorentina final. so put your money down on a fiorentina win tonight.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on fiorentina @ 1.58 = $15.80

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Well I'm doing this in advance because tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Tioman. My EPL form hasn't been too good, Man City threw away a 2 goal lead for Fulham to score 3 in 20 minutes to seal a loss for my bet on Man City. Newcastle conceded twice early and mounted a comeback but could not construct anything in the second half to lose my bet on Newcastle. Great that Arsenal beat Derby convincingly, but I didn't profit much from that match. I think if I bet $1 on AOS for every match against Derby, chances are I'll be making a hefty sum by now. It has happened 6 times already: Liverpool 6-0, Arsenal 5-0, West Ham 5-0, Chelsea 6-1, Aston Villa 6-0, Arsenal 6-2. Out of a total of 35 games? That's brilliant. Maybe that can be a betting tactic for the promoted clubs next season, especially if they aren't up to standard in the EPL, perhaps because one of the lesser teams gets promoted due to playoffs. Man Utd won in the Champs League which I am elated over. As I told Eddy, the turning point of my tipping will be the Arsenal win over Derby, and hopefully next week I'll enjoy more success in the EPL.

As I will be away, I will place my bets for next week now, even before the odds for the matches are out. I'll be referring to a betting website's odds for now, hopefully Eddy helps to edit them to match the SGPools odds. - Roland

well, my champions league form has continued, with barca losing to united. however, i did say it was just a wild guess as it really could have gone either way. however, i'm relatively pleased with my s-league form, as i tipped balestier khalsa to make life difficult for home united. of course, as you already know now, they did MORE than that, sensationally overturning home 2-1. the weekend was so-so, but i was in the green for the epl bets, which is all-important. even though i didn't win most of the bets, the fulham victory at man city pulled my money stats up, as they were given generous 4.20 odds. that is the beauty of backing underdogs sometimes, as out of 10 bets, you just have to win 2/3 and you're already earning, given the juicier odds. so that's how i'll go, so please bear with me if you lose some here and there, cos rest assured you will get it back. villain of the week: GOMBAK UNITED. they should really go and die. i have backed them to the tune of $15 last week, and they have not delivered. bastards. but that can only mean they will win soon...right? :D - Eddy


<2.00> <2.85> <3.60>

well, my champions league form is SHIT. i admit it. sorry to anyone who has been following my european tips. would advise you to follow my s-league bets instead. anyway another match where the result could go both ways. wouldn't wanna pick a winner for this one, so i suggest trying one of the specials available to singapore pools. both teams are likely to come out slow in the first half, so i suggest picking a DRAW at half-time.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on DRAW for half-time 1x2 @ 1.95 = $9.75

This will be a great game. Liverpool need to score to progress. Chelsea are on top form. Everything points towards a great match. Expect Liverpool to go all out from the start of the game. Chelsea will find it hard pressed to get the ball to the likes of Malouda and Joe Cole when Liverpool clog up the midfield and press fully. I would totally stay away from this match as all 3 results are VERY possible depending on how the first half of the game goes. If anything, Liverpool +1.5 is a very safe option but you won't profit much. For now I'd go with a Liverpool win just for kicks.

- Roland's prediction: $5 on Liverpool @ 3.60 = $18.00

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


<1.50> <3.70> <5.30>

gamba osaka lost their last game to vissel kobe, rather surprisingly, as they had been on a good streak of results of late, and of course, their afc champions league campaign has been BRILLIANT, with their wins over melbourne victory (misnomer) particularly impressive. with a brazilian front pairing of lucas and bare, and a supplier in the form of yasuhito endo, their attack should be way too strong for the gutsy omiya. i think gamba will win here, but they won't have it too easy.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on gamba @ 1.50 = $7.50


<1.83> <3.10> <3.85>

i predict that this match will be a fantastic game of football. it definitely will not be a 0-0 as ronaldo has PROMISED to score. the fucker scores like every other game so if he didn't score at the nou camp and stamford bridge, he's going through a drought, and he will end it tonight. however, i still do not think manu will win this one, as barcelona are a quality team. on the odds movement front, it's rather strange, as punters piled money on manu earlier in the day, to bring odds of 1.83 down to 1.70. barca's odds went from 3.85 to 4.00. however, somebody has obviously just piled his life savings on barcelona to bring the 4.00 back down to 3.70. strange movement, i don't know what to make of it. i feel that you should go for a barca win, as barcelona haven't scored for SOOO long, and they just have to win someday you feel? besides, teams that win the champions league tend to be doing shittily in the league. haha anw, this is just a guess, so don't bank on it.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on barcelona @ 3.85 = $19.25

This has been set up to be either the most boring or exciting game all season. 1) Either both teams will defend and play counterattacking football, or 2) Both teams will attack, attack and attack. I'm going with the latter. Drawing 0-0 at home and being 3rd in the league, Barcelona have to win OR have a scoring draw to progress in order to have a shot at getting a trophy this season. Manchester United need to win and cannot afford to have a scoring draw. Expect both teams to attack, and it will be a great spectacle. Yaya Toure is doubtful with an ankle injury, and he was instrumental in cutting out all the United counterattacks at the Nou Camp, so expect more holes in the Barca defence. With Puyol back, Barcelona have their first choice defender but he's over the hill and I expect him to concede lots of free kicks to Man Utd in dangerous positions. Over at the Man Utd side, Vidic and Rooney are doubtful, but keeping in mind how Ferdinand was initially doubtful for the Liverpool game which he captained in the end, I would wager both of them starting. Man Utd will line up offensively and it'll be a brilliant spectacle to watch, with the home advantage giving them the edge in a 2-1 win.

- Roland's prediction: $5 on Man Utd @ 1.83 = $9.15


<1.50> <3.50> <4.70>

yokohama to win this one. quite simply, they are the better team, and they somehow lost their last game, so they should bounce back in this one. jef united chiba haven't won in ages, i think, but that's not because of bad luck or anything, it's cos 1) they suck 2) chiba sounds like something very offensive indeed in hokkien, but yet all they do is go on the defensive. they deserve to be bottom of the league. yokohama to pile on the misery.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on yokohama @ 1.50 = $7.50


<1.60> <3.60> <4.40>

gombak haven't won in 4 games, drawing 3 and losing 1. however, it must be said that one of those draws was a fantastic 2-2 draw with saffc. balestier bettered that result one day later, though, sensationally overcoming home united 2-1 to outdo my prediction of them keeping the goals against low. however, i don't see balestier khalsa keeping this up, as their squad is still massively inexperienced, and keeper daniel ong looks very shaky when dealing with high balls. i think gombak will do enough to win this one, especially with gabriel obatola, who has struggled this season, scoring against saffc. that will do his confidence a world of good, and lift gombak to victory.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on gombak @ 1.60 = $8.00

Monday, April 28, 2008


<1.30> <4.40> <7.50>

the super reds have been fantastic this season, and underlined their title ambitions with a 5-0 whipping of tampines rovers last week. they are at full strength here today, while dalian miss midfielder zhao honglue. seems to be a really easy super reds win here, and that's why i think i will go for it here. super reds win.

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on super reds @ 1.30 = $13.00


<11.00> <5.45> <1.17>

frankly, i'm really interested in taking derby AND a draw for this one, cos i feel derby can do it against an injury-hit arsenal. hleb is also suspended, while wenger has stated his intentions to blood his youngsters. expect the likes of fabianski and denilson to feature. however, what i feel will lead to an arsenal victory is the form of walcott, and as such, i think the best option here is to take derby +1.5. on the handicap front, this is worth 2.05 at spools. go for it.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on derby +1.5 @ 2.05 = $10.25

Arsenal, even without Hleb, Sagna and Flamini, will have too much firepower upfront for Derby. Van Persie has been regaining his sharpness and Fabregas will probably look to prove to the entire EPL why he deserves the PFA Young player award. Walcott is not a bad replacement for Hleb and has looked very good of late. Derby have nothing to play for and with a goal difference of -59, it's hard to see them taking anything from this match.
Go for Arsenal all the way.

- Roland's prediction: $10 on Arsenal @ 1.17 = $11.70
$5 on Arsenal -1.5 @ 1.60 = $8