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Monday, June 23, 2008


<2.15> <3.20> <2.85>

the battle of the shitkickers. balestier khalsa and dalian are both teams that are used to losing more than winning, but they must get going in games like these if they are going to kick on and rise in the league table. on the 1x2, all 3 results are very possible, so perhaps trying to pick a winner is not the best option to go. looking at alternative markets, i think a punt on first and last goalscorer could bring some joy. i'm looking at selection no. 9, PLAYER NOT LISTED for both. here's why. in the list of players provided by singapore pools, none of them are natural goalscorers. paul bekombo is an s-league heskey, kaze giscard is a defensive player, haruki seto is a frickin sweeper, while onyekachi hasn't scored since forever. on the dalian side, i don't fancy them to score at all. the goals for balestier are probably gonna come from players like poh yi feng, anantha rajan, or maybe even young upstart rhysh roshan rai. also, if you bet on both 1st and last goalscorer, and there's only one scorer who's not in the list, you win BOTH bets. worth a pop, this one.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on first goalscorer is a player not listed @ 2.95 = $14.75
$5 on last goalscorer is a player not listed @ 2.95 = $14.75

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