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Friday, June 6, 2008


well, after all the anticipation, it is finally starting tomorrow. the euros, that is. singapore pools has installed the usual suspects germany, italy, spain, france, portugal, holland as the pre-tournament favourites, and honestly, i'd be shocked if none of these 6 win it. so now, the big question is, who to back? i'm going for SPAIN, and HOLLAND, the two sleeping giants of world football, to finally wake up and show the rest of europe what they are made of. if i were to go into player analysis, then surely, these two teams would not be the favourites to win. HOWEVER, it's not often that the overwhelming favourites go on to win international tournaments. usually, teams that win it, come from around the top bracket, but are not the leaders of the pack. on a separate market, you can opt for top-scorer in the championships, and i'm gunning for Ruud Van Nistelrooy, despite him having a very very tough group to contend with. I just think that his scrappiness is essential in such a tight group, and the odds on him to emerge with the golden boot are very high.

- Eddy's predictions: $5 on HOLLAND @ 10.00 = $50.00
$5 on SPAIN @ 6.00 = $30.00
$5 on RUUD VAN NISTELROOY TOP-SCORER @ 14.00 = $70.00

I agree with Eddy. And this doesn't mean we're collaborating. It's just a coincidence of genius opinion. Anyway as what Eddy had already mentioned, Spain and Holland are both underachievers. And as what Eddy has always said, "The rot has to stop". Both play good football, both have enough quality to win this one, but they have not delivered, and it's time for them to do so. Especially since France are pretty shitty at the moment - they're a team in transition. Italy have lost out Cannavaro who was the heart and soul of their defence. Portugal, for all their brilliant midfielders, lack a semi-decent front man and I expect their failure to be precisely because of that. And Germany.. Their first team keeper is Lehmann who has hardly had a game in the past few months. So Spain and Holland have a really good chance this time, and I hope they prove us right. For the top scorer, I'd go with Klose because Germany have a really easy group. Then they'll meet Group A runners up which is most probably Switzerland, who boast of 3 outstanding EPL defenders - Djourou, Senderos and Degen. Go figure.

- Roland's Predictions:
$5 on HOLLAND @ 10.00 = $50.00
$5 on SPAIN @ 6.00 = $30.00
$5 on MIROSLAV KLOSE TOP-SCORER @ 9.00 = $45.00

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