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Monday, July 21, 2008


<2.30> <2.87> <2.90>

both sides haven't won for some time. balestier for a very long time. they haven't had 3 points since t-rex, brontosaurus and their bunch of friends laid claim to Earth. albirex have done slightly better, although they have not won since their sensational win over super reds on june 21st. strangely though, albirex have not conceded a goal in the league in their past two matches. their defeat to home utd before that was also not an embarrassing one, losing out 2-0. i fancy albirex to win this even match-up. this is mainly because, looking at the next fixtures for these two teams, albirex face tampines, where they will certainly not win, while balestier face young lions, where they should win. as such, my reasoning is that the winless streak will end for albirex tonight, while it will end for balestier next week. also, albirex didn't score in their past two, and i expect them to get goals today.

- Eddy's prediction: $5 on albirex @ 2.30 = $11.50
$5 on albirex to score 1st @ 1.90 = $9.50

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