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Monday, July 28, 2008


<20.00> <7.80> <1.02>

this match hinges not on quality, but on motivation, in my opinion. singapore's players will be motivated to give their best, while brazil's players will be too busy underestimating us to actually play well. alexandre pato illustrated this when he boasted that he wanted to score more than one goal against us. in injury news, precious is out, which is undoubtedly good news, as his lack of speed would have killed us. defensive players like valery hiek and kenji arai have been included, and that can only be good news. although i still see singapore losing, i think we should be backed at +3.5. personally, i have $5 on a draw, but that is a really long punt, so you might not wanna follow that one.

- Eddy's predictions: $5 on singapore +3.5 @ 1.95 = $9.75

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