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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


<1.62> <3.35> <4.70>

Heavy boat on Juventus, which is why I've left this post for today. Zenit are in good form, winning the last 3 games including the one in the Super Cup against Manchester United. They play very much like the Russian national team and boast some great attacking options in Arshavin, who will want to produce an EPL-moving performance, and Pogrebnyak, who will want to prove that he's better than Pavlyuchenko as he was sidelined during Euro through injuries. Okay, I made those motivations up, but they sound convincing right? Anyway, Juve have drawn 4 and won 2 in their last 6 games, so they aren't really the form team right now. Del Piero is set to return for Juve and Chiellini will come back from injury, so it's going to be tough for Zenit. However, they are Russians, and we've seen them in the Euro and against United in the Super Cup - they can rise up to the occasion. I think this is the best occasion for them to rise up to, being their debut in the Champions League, and if there will ever be a dark horse (fuck off cluj), it will be Zenit St Petesburg. A Zenit handicap will be the way to go as I forsee that Juve, if they do actually win, will win by at most 1 goal, because they are Juve.

Roland's prediction: $5 on Zenit @ 4.70 = $22.80

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