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Sunday, February 8, 2009


well. as regular readers will know, we have been a source for fantastic tips and generally good football talk for the past 248 years. it does seem a long time, and i think it's time to step into a new era for us here, at the tipsters.

from now on, we will be shifting the focus of our blog a wee bit, to not 100% betting, as it has been since day one. we will now let regular readers learn a little bit more about the two of us. i mean, you have probably been thinking who the heck are eddy and roland right? well, as of now, we will treat this more as a personal blog, so if you're interested in our fantastic, fun-filled, fabulous lives, then tune in. if you are not, and you are in it just for the money, then do check back from time to time, as we will continue posting tips right here, on this fantastic website.

as for our dear ol' friends, who have felt a little strange coming to our blog and reading about football all the time, it will soon be very different!

a new era it may be, but we look forward to everyone's continued support of our blog!


tipster eddy

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