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Monday, March 16, 2009

more hyundai ads

ok building on roland's post about the hyundai ad. did u see the new ad for the hyundai avante?

basically, there's a race and there are tons of competitors trailing behind a breakaway leader. now the leader does a usain bolt ( and starts slowing down on purpose before the finishing line. well, at this point none of us quite know why the guy is doing this. but within a matter of seconds, it becomes clear.

perched on top of the no.2 spot, is the prize for coming in second, and it is a....

yep, u guessed it. it is a stunning korean beauty of a car, a car oozing sophistication and cutting-edge technology. it is the HYUNDAI AVANTE.

well, i don't want to come across as knocking the car. it is a solid family car, which is good for budget-conscious people. however, for people to fight for second place just because they want an AVANTE, is frankly quite ridiculous and unrealistic.

and the ad isn't even an original idea! that's what makes this ad truly dreadful. the concept of finishing second to get a more "desirable" prize was first popularised by the wonderful iranian film "children of heaven". the antics before the man reaches the finishing line are in my opinion, inspired by the usain bolt spoof i linked to above. all in all, a poor advertisement.

before i go off though, tip of the day.

west ham v west brom.

a tough tie to call, but i think west brom will be gripped by relegation fears, and might be able to nick a draw at upton park, against all odds.

$5 on west brom +0.5/1 @ 1.83 then. that's my prediction!

good luck and good night folks


P.S. do yourself a favour and check this clip out. truly funny. i love simon from leicester. the presenter's reaction after that was just fantastic

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