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Saturday, August 16, 2008


<1.65> <3.30> <4.55>

the battle of the shitkickers. its bolton wanderers vs bolton wannabes. both teams punt it long, kick the shit out of their opponents, and generally bore the shit out of any idiot who actually bothered to watch this game. however, i see bolton winning this game, as ricardo fuller is out injured, meaning that stoke's chances of actually scoring a goal (that's scoring, as in a proper shot, not bundling the ball over the line after a corner kick where the centreback flattens the goalie and the ball takes 47 deflections) is now ZERO. dave kitson is pretty good, but does he strike you as the type who scores on his debut? bolton on the other hand, have signed johan elmander, and fabrice muamba, two very good signings, in my opinion. dan shittu is likely to be useful too, and really, i don't see stoke getting a point in this.

Eddy's prediction: $5 on bolton @ 1.65 = $8.25

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