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Saturday, August 16, 2008


<2.47> <3.05> <2.52>

I see odds of 2.52 for Fulham to beat Hull as incredible odds, given that Hull have a shite team and Fulham are at nearly full strength, with the exception of Andy Johnson being out injured. However, never underestimate the start-of-the-season-craziness where we might see Hull go crazy all out. Go for Fulham +1.5 @ 1.11 if you want to play it safe and earn a measly 10 cents, but I think it'll be a Fulham win in the end.

Roland's prediction: $5 on Fulham @ 2.52 = $12.60

hmm, roland may be wrong here. hull city are not exactly THAT shite. marlon king was an accomplished finisher, and if given the right chances here, he might cause some trouble for mark schwarzer, who's not the best goalkeeper in the world. besides, geovanni is likely to be given a free role in this hull side, and his performance here will be critical to their performance. another new signing, george boateng, should be able to put the shackles on jimmy bullard, who is fulham's only threat, considering that andrew johnson and diomansy kamara are injured. i don't see fulham winning this one, especially with the game being at the kc stadium. remember, fulham are not good travellers, their end-of-season form last season was spurred only be the threat of relegation.

Eddy's prediction: $5 on draw @ 3.05 = $15.25

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