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Sunday, August 31, 2008


<1.27> <4.40> <8.80>

chelsea have won their first two without conceding, while spurs have lost their first two and looked very unimpressive. should be a walk in the park for chelsea then? considering that the game is being played at stamford bridge, where chelsea haven't lost since the likes of jesus patrolled the earth, tottenham don't seem to have a chance. however, i think that all runs have to end someday, and i think tottenham can end their own torrid run by breaking chelsea's wonderful run. they ARE that unpredictable. ballack is unavailable, thus reducing the bastard factor for chelsea, meaning they'll be SLIGHTLY easier to beat. luka modric has been tipped for big things, but he has yet to shine. i still insist that he is a player for the big games, as he showed in croatia's fantastic victory over germany in the euros. i think 8.80 is the best you'll get for a tottenham win, and it's worth a shot for sure.

Eddy's prediction: $5 on tottenham + 1.5 @ 1.67 = $8.35
$5 on tottenham @ 8.80 = $44.00

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