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Thursday, September 4, 2008


<2.73> <2.93> <2.37>

no prizes for guessing who i'm going with here. balestier khalsa and young lions both suck, but young lions suck more, imo. plus i hate them and they are shitkickers. young lions also have a severe problem in attack, where they celebrate every goal they score by slaughtering 68 lambs and offering it to every god known to mankind. when interviewed, the lambs were not worried about a goalfest, most of them describing the young lions attack as "baaaaaaaaad". as such, i think the odds on a balestier win is definitely worth a shot, and i'm going with a fiver, and an outside bet of five on -1.5, where the odds are 6.00!!!!

Eddy's prediction: $10 on balestier @ 2.73 = $27.30 (EDITED, cos odds rose)

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