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Friday, August 29, 2008


<2.42> <3.20> <2.48>

Don't be fooled by Hull being in 4th place. They beat Fulham at home with the promoted-club-first-game-frenzy, then drew at Ewood Park against a Bentley-less Blackburn. Their "good form" will end soon, and I think Wigan at 2.48 to win is good value, as they were brilliant against Chelsea and deserved a draw at Stamford Bridge. Kirkland should be back so I'm backing Wigan.

Roland's prediction: $5 on Wigan @ 2.48 = $12.40

Got to agree with roland. wigan haven't played badly at all in the first two matches. west ham looked like they were gonna collpase despite taking a 2-goal lead. and amr zaki is looking quite classy. with heskey they can form a decent partnership, and i think hull's honeymoon period will have to be over for the time being. wigan desperately need these points, and i think they will get it.

Eddy's prediction: $5 on wigan @ 2.48 = $12.40

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