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Sunday, August 24, 2008


<3.37> <2.87> <2.07>

young lions is a shitkicker team that do not deserve to win ANY football matches. how they won 2-1 over woodlands last time out is beyond me. woodlands' last win came in june. do you think that's right? hell no. young lions actually won a game or two. shocking. guys if you're reading this, check to see if there are pigs flying outside or see if your mum suddenly turned into jessica alba. SURELY, young lions have to lose this one? i'm gonna tip against them once again, and i think they will lose. besides, although the young lions have home advantage in this one, the fact that the jalan besar pitch is actually level and smooth might mean that their rough-and-tumble style of football will not be as effective.

Eddy's prediction: $5 on woodlands @ 2.07 = $10.35

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