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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


<2.25> <2.95> <2.90>

frankly, i don't quite know why i have faith in england. they play like shit half the time. however, i feel they will want revenge after missing out on the euros, and what better way than to inflict a defeat on croatia in zagreb? i think rooney will score in this one to break his long international drought, and croatia, might find themselves missing kranjcar A LOT, as they seek to break england down. england might not win, but the odds make it worth a shot. special post today, as i'll throw in a fancy bet, which you can hopefully find a bookmaker to take on.

Eddy's prediction: $5 on england @ 2.90 = $14.50
$5 on crowd violence leading to supporters injured/dead after the game @ ??? = $???

Agree with Eddy. England play like shit, but will step up for this game suddenly to take revenge. Otherwise, the tabloids would be all over their asses and then Capello will have to sleep with all his players in their beds to comfort them. Croatia will look to attack and looked sharp over the weekend in their 3-0 victory over Kazakhstan. England will be without Steven Gerrard, but Ferdinand is back and will provide stability at the back. Also, the croats will not pile 10 men behind the ball like Andorra so England should have a better time in attack. I have money on England 0, but since spools only offers 1.5 I'll go for an England win @ 2.90.

Roland's prediction: $5 on England @ 2.90 = $14.50

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