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Thursday, June 12, 2008


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well bad luck all around last night, the draw, the fair result for the swiss against the turks, was shattered by arda turan's deflected goal. it's the sort of goal we normally associate with the shitkicker in blue, frank lampard. but back to players who will actually be playing at the euros, i'm gonna discuss what shitkickers austria are. if i'm not wrong, they're ranked behind singapore (edit: they're ahead of singapore, but SORRY, they're still shitkickers), and although fifa rankings are quite inaccurate, they are a fair way behind the other teams in the euros. poland are the second-shittiest, but i think the quality of players like smolarek, boruc and kryznowek should be enough to see off austria. a narrow defeat to croatia last time out, so a heavy defeat now? that's what i see.

- Eddy's prediction: $10 on poland @ 1.90 = $19.00
$5 on poland -1.5 @ 3.75 = $18.75

Eddy was saying that a fun bet would be "will Austria get even 1 point?". I told him that they will get 1 off Poland. So that's my bet for today. A draw. Why? Austria have to win this. They will go all out because their final game is against Germany, which they will 100% confirm + chop lose. The coach has already told them to throw caution to the wind. And seeing how they choked Croatia in the second half, I think that the Austrians have the capabilities of securing a draw, perhaps even a win. On to the Polish side, they were totally owned by Germany and the winning margin would have been like 10-0 had it not been for Artur Boruc in goal. Basically, they sucked. Draw for Austria, for they were totally unable to convert despite their dominance. Austria sucks too.

- Roland's prediction: $5 on draw @ 3.40 = $17.00

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